Hello, I am Cindy,

As an artist with extensive experience collaborating with manufacturing companies across Rhode Island, I’ve developed a deep understanding of production processes and business dynamics. My expertise lies in bridging creative visions with practical applications, ensuring the end result is not only aesthetically pleasing but strategically impactful.

My approach to commercial art is shaped by three pivotal influences. Firstly, my fine art education has ingrained in me a deep appreciation for classic design principles, while also encouraging me to explore the boundaries of creativity. Secondly, my passion for psychology informs my design process, as I delve into how artistic compositions can sway thoughts and behaviors. Lastly, being immersed in a community of business owners has instilled a pragmatic perspective in me, enabling the delivery of viable design solutions that resonate in real-world scenarios.

Each project I undertake is an opportunity for growth, teaching me valuable lessons that refine my perspective and enhance my contributions. I take pride in having made a tangible, positive impact on every company I’ve partnered with. Looking ahead, I’m excited to explore new ventures and continue leaving a lasting mark on the business landscape.

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